Sanjeev didn't tell anybody about it.

You need to come to terms with your jealousy of this young man.

Patricio doesn't know what's bothering Bernard.

Their divorce came as a complete surprise.

I'm sad without you.

Writing with chalk is trivial.

We finally struck a bargain.

The current pulled his boat toward a deserted island.

Irvin is my friend.

He stubbed out his cigar in the ashtray and stood up to leave.

I think that she's hiding something.

Vivek is losing his battle with cancer.

Moran and I are both waiting for Knapper.

I have no time left.

We fell in love.

We'll destroy their dens.

She isn't my sister, she's my wife.

She's very susceptible to hypnotic suggestion.


I don't know if it helped or not.

It is the audience which really determines both the matter and manner of every broadcast.

I told you what I think.

I can't seem to reach her.

Where were you the other night?


The situation is grave.


Why do you keep calling me Pratt?

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He who buries his head in the sand today will grind his teeth tomorrow.

He eventually married an Italian woman ten years his junior.

Grace needs to study more if he hopes to pass this class.

He became a handsome young man.

I spent three months in hospital when I was thirteen.

Although her parents had said no for a long time, they finally let her go to Europe alone.

Are there books on the table?


I don't beat them.

If you knew, you would tell me, wouldn't you?

Noboby seems to care about my problem.

I was forced to work on Sunday.

Albert takes everything for granted.

What's the total population of France?

I just sold my car to her.

Ask her when she comes back.

Eat your broccoli or you won't get any dessert!

I keep hoping that things will get better.

We've been waiting long enough.

Eugene looks like he's thinking.

We had fun.


This has happened to me, too.


I am a Democrat.


I just gave them 30 dollars.


We can hear the dog barking.


Why are you siding with Kamiya?


I've heard that many times.

His present assistant is Miss Nokami.

Does Marian know anything about it?

Resort areas abound in tourists.

"I am not going into the forest after bear cubs," said the elder brother.

Amanda wasn't tall enough to reach the books on the top shelf.

We can not rely on her kindness.


It is not likely that he did it on purpose.


I enjoy walks and talks on the beach.


Johnathan unlocked the door with the key Patrice had given him.

Why are you here now?

Her words correspond with her actions.

There's a fan on the table.

I have given leave to do what he likes.

Sundar is out taking a walk.

Other than that, I've been doing well.

I just had a talk with Christopher.

Is French pronunciation difficult?

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We have to talk.


I can hardly wait until summer.


Anatole eventually became an instructor.

When you die, you will begin to see more.

I never liked Klaus much.

They're running late.

He threw a stone at the big dog.

I never want for a boyfriend.

That is a strange question.

Taking part in funerals is something that people only do for the sake of appearance. It makes no sense on its own terms. It's like the effort you put into cleaning your boots every day: you only do it to make sure no one says you've got dirty boots.

Something in the sky caught my eye.

I'm scared for my kids.

Debbie didn't have much water to drink.


At night the temperature fell below freezing.

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Keep on smiling.

I had a Segway accident last week.

Mats is always complaining.


Everything was completely black.


I saw Kirsten there.

We've all missed you.

After i fell my back is hurt.

I'm killing myself to meet the deadline.

You seem to understand her.

I've finished my homework.

America is a continent of immigration.


Is this word known in your dialect?


But I have to take night shifts twice a week.

I wish you the very best of luck.

He managed to climb the mountain.


I don't have much to spend.

I could find his address.

The lab is empty.


I didn't understand that last sentence.

No one would listen.

Once in a while, I visit the theater.

You guys are a problem.

I won't give up on them.

Eyes front, please.

Do radioactive cats have 18 half-lives?

I can't draw, but my sister is a great artist.

In the afternoon the weather became wet and foggy.


We have to do this again tomorrow.

She stole a lot of money from him.

They developed a special computer system and fixed it to his wheelchair.

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This morning, I saw an angel.

Is that so much to ask?

It will be some time before they come.

This room is my bedroom, and the other one is my office.

Why are you so awful?

Save it on the external hard drive.

Eddie left the company in 2013.

I don't want to disappoint him.

You can open your eyes. I know you're just pretending to be asleep.

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Children don't grow up speaking pidgin languages; they turn them into real languages: creoles.


The children are all fired up.

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Today I went to university to study. Tomorrow I will go again.


I wish I had more information.


I assure you that we care.

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Valeria leaned over the table and kissed Jane.

I don't think it's incurable.

That's what Rajiv did most of the time.


My wife and Deborah were in the rear of the aircraft.

Have you asked Samir for help?

The most important things are often the ones that are hardest to talk about.


That's a supposition, not a fact.

I appreciated Lars doing that.

Don't get angry with Christopher.

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Every student is supposed to know the school regulations.

How happy are you?

Elliott was dressed in lycra.

I bought this three years ago.

She came late as usual.

Make sure all the boxes are well sealed before they're delivered.

I can't hide my feelings from Dean any longer.

We both know what's out there.

It is no good arguing with you.

He was urgent in insisting that she call the doctor.

We can't protect her.


The data is insufficient to show anything.

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He took off his overcoat.


You don't know her, do you?

Will anyone be disappointed?

Why don't you get dressed so we can go?


We've found her.

Gretchen began to miss Marian half-way, and turned back.

Hopefully he doesn't grow up to be a maniac like the rest of his family.

Hugh has a Canadian passport.

It was very small.

Do you think we can glue that back together?

Did you double-check these figures?

I had to hide from the police.

She has faults, too.